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Monday, August 2, 2010

Showing the Love of God by Helping Others...Sunday School Letter

People Show Love by Helping Others in Need

Acts 9:36-43
Now there was in Joppa a disciple named Tabitha, which, translated, means Dorcas. She was full of good works and acts of charity. 37In those days she became ill and died, and when they had washed her, they laid her in an upper room. 38Since Lydda was near Joppa, the disciples, hearing that Peter was there, sent two men to him, urging him, "Please come to us without delay." 39So Peter rose and went with them. And when he arrived, they took him to the upper room. All the widows stood beside him weeping and showing tunics and other garments that Dorcas made while she was with them. 40But Peter put them all outside, and knelt down and prayed; and turning to the body he said, "Tabitha, arise." And she opened her eyes, and when she saw Peter she sat up. 41And he gave her his hand and raised her up. Then calling the saints and widows, he presented her alive. 42And it became known throughout all Joppa, and many believed in the Lord. 43And he stayed in Joppa for many days with one Simon, a tanner.

Life Application: I will hear that helping others is a way to show love.

Galatians 5:13
For you were called to freedom, brothers. Only do not use your freedom as an opportunity for the flesh, but through love serve one another.

From Clay and Bobbi
In our Bible passage Dorcas is shown to be very kind and beneficent to the poor and needy. The impact and impression she had on many people showed when she died and many widows gathered to her crying and showing each other the garments she had made them. It was obvious she was well thought of by all in Joppa, so much so they sent for Peter to come, either hoping he could raise her, or hoping he could encourage them in the Lord and glorify God in her death. Peter agreed to come, perhaps intending to encourage the mourners with the word of the Lord, or maybe he himself thought God was to use him to raise Dorcas. Whatever the intentions by either party, Peter came…and he prayed…And he raised Dorcas from the dead.

Raising people from the dead is a physical picture of another reality…God raising us from the dead spiritually. What an awesome reminder of the power of God in our own lives as we recall how he raised us up from spiritual death! And a reminder that He will raise us up the last day! The lesson plan asked a couple of questions about Dorcas: Do you think Dorcas continued her ministry of sewing after she was raised? How are you helping the vulnerable in society around you? How can you give with a heart like Dorcas?

Those are good questions and we intend on asking the children these questions this morning. Hopefully they will be prepared to answer them for you should you ask them too. We will also encourage them to purposefully do acts of kindness this week to show their love for God. We will have that on our minds and intentions too.